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Triumphant Mysteries

of the Holy Rosary

The Rosary's TriumphANT Crescendo


"How dare you change to the Rosary!?"

If you are tempted to ask this question, then rest assured, I have asked it many times of myself. The inspiration for these mysteries came to me more than a decade ago, as I stood in line for confession at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Austin, Texas. 


Like Jonah before me, I hoped to run the other way from this call. I did my best to forget them at first, until I was faced with great personal challenge. At those times, I prayed them. I found they had great effect.


After a while, my fear at sharing these with the world began to change into another emotion. I began to feel selfish that I had been depriving my fellow Catholics from the grace that could be obtained by these prayers. So I decided to share them.

If we accept that the Rosary is intended to recall the milestones of salvation history, and that it is meant for the active prayer of the faithful, then there is a gap with the current set of mysteries. All four sets of mysteries happen in the past. They do not include the events that remain in our future that are foretold in the Gospels and the book of Revelation. They also leave our active participation, as the faithful, out of the equation.

We find the Triumphant Mysteries by following Holy Scripture. We do not invent this; it is revealed to us in the Word. Along the way, we find ourselves written into the story of salvation. These new mysteries begin with the public call to conversion and end with the New Jerusalem.  

I had the good fortune of seeing Pope Saint John Paul II in person, several times, when he was alive. He was a man of great faith and love. I was able to pray at his tomb after his death. He saw that the hardware of the Rosary – the beads – were an enduring tool in the hands of the faithful. He also saw that the software of the Rosary – the mysteries – could be upgraded "over the air" when he added the Luminous Mysteries.

These mysteries are hereby shared with my fellow Catholics for private devotion. I lovingly entrust these mysteries to Pope Francis, his Bishops, and the priests of the Catholic Church for their consideration, and I pray to Pope Saint John Paul II for his intercession.

Who are You?

My pen name for this site is Philip Anthony Xavier. That's not my real name, but I am the site admin here.


I've chosen to keep my own identity a secret, for several reasons that are deeply personal. First, I do not believe that these mysteries are something that I should have perpetual control over. I have helped with their creation, but they are a gift for all followers of Christ. I seek to give them to Holy Mother Church, and will do so when requested by our Holy Father. If the Holy Father requests these mysteries for public prayer by the Church, then I will grant the Church all rights and ownership of these at absolutely no cost. Until then, I will remain the custodial guardian of these mysteries, and retain all copyright for the purposes of protecting them from abuse by others.


Second, I do not wish to distract from the mysteries myself. My own life is of little consequence to your prayer. All we need to know about each other is that we love Christ, and we love his mother. That is enough for me. 

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